Fundraising Goal

Although CSF has already achieved a long list of goals for this current location, the final goal of our program is to update the current outdated rink into a new indoor facility. The cost to achieve this goal is six million dollars. We feel with a lot of hard work and dedication we will achieve this goal. This new facility will provide the safe environment that the community deserves. Your donation will help provide the funds to pay for simple needs such as  a safer playing surface, a safer playing arena, bathrooms, clean changing areas, proper lighting and a new structure for protection from the various weather conditions. When completed, this facility will be the only one of its kind in the area and will serve the community for the next fifty years and beyond. Once this facility is completed, your donations will continue to give to the community year after year by providing basic safety equipment for all kids free of charge. Such equipment will include helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, girdles, shin guards, jerseys, pants, gloves, sticks, pucks and skates. This will allow any kid who wants to participate in our program to do so at no cost to their families at any time.