Saving The Rink

In the spring of 2018, Community Sports Foundation (CSF) took over an old abandoned roller hockey rink in North Hollywood, CA. This location was in very bad condition. The boards had holes, there was a lot of gang tagging, there were homeless encampments all around the rink, no bathrooms, no changing rooms and an unusable scoreboard. Not to mention, the rink was sinking about seventeen inches on one end and was considered dangerous to play on. It was unusable and the surrounding area was a mess.

With the help of our community, CSF restored this abandoned rink and cleaned up the surrounding area in just over 30 days. The rink was called THE CAGE Roller Hockey Rink due to the high fencing surrounding the rink. Over the past two years we have created both FREE and low cost self-sustaining programs with over 700 youth and adult players who participate seven days a week, despite the lack of bathrooms, changing rooms and other basic needs.  This program is working !

In this short time CSF has created the largest youth and adult roller hockey program within a 30 mile radius. We are currently serving over 2,800 participants a year, and growing. The community has shown incredible interest, appreciation and support for the program. All of our programs are inclusive to all boys and girls of all ages, races and ethnicities. We strive to provide positive building blocks for the kids of today and the future leaders of our communities. 

 We are now raising the funds needed to improve our facility . We are looking to add a safer playing surface and hockey boards, a bathroom, changing rooms, updated lighting and a covering/enclosure to protect the players from the weather. With the help of your donation, we will be proud to offer a generational facility that all kids, parents and grandparents can participate in weekly activities together for years to come.